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Marshes at dusk - landscapes photography

Marshes at dusk


Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55, gradual filter. Pyskowice, POLAND.

Photo taken in great hurry - weather condition changed very fast and there was little time before sun would completly hide behinde the horizon.

Waterfall - landscapes photography


Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55, gradual filter. Pyskowice, POLAND.

It was very early in the morning, during one of the coldest days of that winter. It took some time to get this photo right, so after the whole photo session I almost had frostbittes on my fingers.

Wall of rain - landscapes photography, natural phenomenon

Wall of rain


Nikon D80, 18-55, gradual filter. Zacharzowice, POLAND.

Luck shot. While driving through countryside I saw wall of strong rain heading my way. I stopped the car, took my camera and started taking panorama photos having this storm behinde my back. When I shot first photo it was a small rain. When I took last photo it was a downpour. After stitching the panorama I had this effect of light rain on the left and heavy rain on the right.

Photo of a forest in the mist

Troll woods

Nikon D80, 18-55 POLAND

Sometimes you go for a day long trip with taking photos in minde but then it turns out that all day will be misty and cloudy. Is it bad? Not at all! Such conditions make perfect atmosphere for such photos. All you have to worry about is finding interesting composition and choosing right exposure.

Photo of a lonely tree

Lonely tree

Nikon D80, 18-55, gradual filter Pyskowice, POLAND

I was passing next to this tree for many times but only once it happend during interesting time of day and proper weather with subtle fog and strong sun low on horizon. That's why it is good to have camera always with you.

Photo of rushes in winter afternoon sun


Nikon D80, 18-55, gradual filter Dzierżno, POLAND

It was amazing winter afternoon, 1st of march 2010, when I noticed this amazing sky on my way back home. So, instead of going home I drove to the nearby lake knowing that I'll find a lot of open space for such wide compositions. Ice on the lake was an extra bonus which suprised me.

Lantern at stormy sea

Sea lantern


Nikon D80, 18-55, gradual filter Rostock, GERMANY

Photo taken on a ferry from port Rostock in Germany to Gedser in Denmark. It was just after the sunrise, during cloudy, even stormy, weather. Gradual filter gives here the biggest effect - without it sky would be simply overburn because of the high contrast of a light. Ferry was moving really fast so I had to arrange the composition really quick.

Photo of early morning with mist, spider's web and god rays

Spiders fairytale

Nikon D80, 18-55, gradual filter. Wolin, POLAND.

Easiest way of taking interesting photo is to simply get up early. I mean, really early. If you're lucky enough it will be a beautiful morning with dew on grass, a little of mist, god rays and spider's web everywhere.

Pink light on the right is a side effect of a cheap gradual filter that changes color even if you don't want it to do so.

Photo of traditional mill


Muzeum Górnośląski Etnograficzny Park w Chorzowie www.muzeumgpe-chorzow.pl Nikon D80, 18-55, polarizing filter. Chorzów, POLAND.

Traditional mill in ethnographic park in Chorzów, POLAND.