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Black & white

Night Life

Night Life

Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55, tripod. Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC.

Every place has two faces: one you can see during the day and the other is only visible at night. Prague is a wonderful city both during the day and night but after the dark you couldn't tell it's the same place. Life is flowing through it's medieval streets full of lights and pitch black back alleys.



Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55. Gliwice, POLAND.

Gliwice main street

Forgotten town

Forgotten town

Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55. Pyskowice, POLAND.

Old street in a forgotten part of a town. Only ghost of the past are living here.

From above - black and white photography

From above

Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55 Zawada, POLAND.

Dark attic in a ghost house.

Smoke from chimney

Coal is in the air

Nikon D80, Sigma 70-300

This is a common view in Silesia during colder days. Many families use coal to warm their houses so during cold evenings whole city is full of mist-like smoke.

Prague - city of bridges


Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55 Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC.

Prague - city of bridges.

Industrial perfection

Industrial perfection

Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55 Gliwice / Łabędy, POLAND

Old bridges have their own beauty.

Stairacse in industrial building


Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55. This place no longer exists

Staircase in old building of mining company in Gliwice.

Dark sun

Dark sun

Nikon D80, Sigma 18-55.

Dark, winter sun trying to reach darkest parts of the forest.