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Webdesign for Public Library website

Biblioteka Publiczna w Kętach

Biblioteka Publiczna w Kętach www.biblioteka.kety.pl

Webdesite for Public Library in Kęty

Webdesign of Narodowe Centrum Polskiej Piosenki

Narodowe Centrum Polskiej Piosenki

Narodowe Centrum Polskiej Piosenki www.ncpp.opole.pl

Webdesign of Narodowe Centrum Polskiej Piosenki official website.

Webdesign of a completly new website for NCPP.

Webdesign of Morphina Studio webdesign

Morphina Studio

Morphina Studio www.morphinastudio.pl

Webdesign of Morphina Studio website.

Website for music club Rock'a Gliwice

Rock'a Music Club

Rock'a Music Club Gliwice www.rocka.gliwice.pl

Website for music club.

Webdesign of Snor website


Landing page.

Landing page promoting Snor. Webdesign & coding.

Webdesign and coding of Kancelaria Adwokacka website

Kancleria Adwokacka Magdalena Krowiak

Kancelaria Adwokacka Magdalena Krowiak www.adwokatkrowiak.pl

Webdesign of lawyer's website

Webdesign for lawyers agency from Zabrze in Poland.

Webdesign of Bistro Cafe & Salad in Gliwice

Bistro Cafe & Salad

Bistro Cafe & Salad www.bistrocafe.com.pl

Product photography, graphic design and restyling

This project consisted of several stages: first of all products had to be photographed. Next, existing website had been completly changed - new graphic were implemented and content was refreshed. This way client maintained previous website but it look like a completly new site, with fresh and clean modern layout and adequate photos.

Webdesign of Ipsum Mechanika Techniczna

Ipsum Mechanika Techniczna

IPSUM Mechanika Techniczna www.ipsum-mechanika.pl

Graphic design and coding

Website was a main medium for this new company focused on technical engineering. It had to be modern, very memorable and unique in comparision with competition. Black was a color never used on local market for this kind of business and yet it was very well corresponding with engineering. Next was yellow: colour of importance and a warning - good thing for company heavly focused on work safety.

Other elements created for this company: business card, letterhead.

Webdesign of a website for Piekarnia MAX

Piekarnia MAX

Piekarnia MAX (Poniszowice) www.piekarniamax.com

Graphic design, coding, product photography

This was an interesting project for traditional bakery with heavy focus on healthy and good quality products. We wanted this website to be a little retro but we also wanted to avoid exploited way of doing this. Final effect is an intuitive, responsive and very interactive website with some classical design solutions and toned colour palette..

All pictures were taken specifically for this new website.

Website for RAŚ - Ruch Autonomii Śląska


Ruch Autonomii Śląska www.autonomia.pl

Graphic design

This website was designed as a social initiative for a local political party Ruch Autonomii Śląska. It's main goal was to be very content-friendly and informative for visitors.

Website for message company Rosaline


Rosaline www.rosa-line.eu

Graphic design

Website designed for a local mobile masseur. Light colours, relaxing photos and recognizable image were all our goals. This website was part of bigger project including a car advert, business cards and leaflets.

Medical website


Charmed - medical clinic Website is no longer active

Graphic design

Different approach on very common topic of medical websites. This shade of green in combination with strong backgrounds was very distinct in comparision with competition.

Website for accountant company hewmar


Hewmar www.hewmar.pl

Graphic design, coding

Hewmar is a dynamic accountant company which needed an interesting webdesign to show it's uniqueness on local market full of similar businesses. Other element of this project was a logo design with same goal in mind.

Website for metalworks company Integra


Graphic design

Website for Solarium Toskania

Solarium Toskania

Solarium Toskania www.solariumtoskania.pl

Graphic design, coding

Complex layout design: logo, CI, website and outdoor.

Webdesign for lifting company DG Lift

DG Lift

DG Lift This website is no longer active

Graphic design

Approach to this particular webdesign was very special. Company was young, fresh and dynamic - it wanted to stand out from very traditional competition. That's why this website was designed as a longpage stylized to look like an elevator in shaft with console as a menu. And the look of buttons was simply great :)

Website of a building materials and supplies for construction PROBUD

Probud - building materials and supplies for construction

Graphic design

Website for a local building materials and supplies for construction shop from Sośnicowice in Poland.

This website was never intended to be an online shop. It's role was to inform about stock and give all the basic knowledge about construction to people who are not professionals but amatours aiming to do some renovations in their houses.

Website for renovations and construction company Ekorem


Walbruk www.wal-bruk.pl

Graphic design and coding

Paving, garden and fences construction - that's all Walbruk is about. Competition have very oldschool webdesign on their side so out tactic was to create something modern, with a lot of white space, isolated images and bold typography.

Website for renovations and construction company Ekorem

Silesia Castings

Silesia Castings www.silesiacastings.pl

Graphic design, photography

Silesia Castings is a company ressurecting traditional casting techniques for modern clients needs.

It's products are intended for both industry and individual clients such as artists, conservators and reenactment hobbyists.

Website of a Panoma cleaning company


Panoma www.panoma.pl

Graphic design, coding

Website for a cleaning company

Website of a translator Samsonov


Samsonov www.samsonov.pl

Graphic design

Website for a local translator from Gliwice City. Germany were clearly a main subject of this page.

Fasada Gliwice -


Graphic design

Website for a local building materials and supplies for construction shop from Gliwice in Poland.

Website for renovations and construction company Ekorem


Graphic design and coding

Ekorem is a renovation and construction company from Pyskowice in Poland. It has earned a very good reputation on local market but it needed an identity matching it's skills.

This project was about making a website to show all their portfolio and create CI by designing website, vehicle advertisements, business cards, printing materials and, of course, logo.

Landing page for 13 stycznia event

13 stycznia

RAŚ - Ruch Autonomii Śląska Website is no longer active

Graphic design

"13 stycznia" was an political event organized by Ruch Autonomii Śląska in order to gain necessary support. I have created a complete layout for the whole event: designed a logo, prepared press materials and created layout for the landing page - a final destination of this initiative.